Prayer Room @ Vineyard Church of Hopkinton


Isaiah 56:7 says, “I will fill them with joy in my house
of prayer.”

Our desire is for Vineyard Hopkinton to be a house of prayer, a place where prayer, worship, art and hearing God’s voice weave together. Together we are learning what it means to be a people of God’s presence. Please join us as we learn how to live this out.

To learn more about our heart and vision watch the video below and hear from some of our leaders.


The dates for our week of continuous prayer and when we will be having 24 hours (or more) of prayer are: 

July 13 - July 14


November 11 through November 17

Click here to Learn More about the Year of Continuous Prayer in the US
You are welcome to use the Prayer Room at church during normal business hours. But signups are required. If you have questions about signing up or continuous prayer, feel free to contact [email protected]. Thank you in advance!

Questions: [email protected]